Saturday, May 28

Young And Fabulous 最佳伙扮 Movie Review

A coming of age story of a group of teenage friends, who strive against all challenges and obstacles for their dreams. Along the way, they learn about themselves, the meaning of friendships, parent-child/teacher-student relationships and the need to have the courage to stand up for what they believe in.

Watched Young And Fabulous 最佳伙扮 with Gary and Nelson earlier during evening.

Personally, I feel that the film is decent and has a refreshing plot. However, it could have been better if the story has a richer content. There are many touching moments that are nicely injected. Not to forget the many hilarious moments which certainly bring joy to the viewers as well.

People like me who are currently pursuing our passion will definitely relate better. As we gradually grow and get better in our craft each day, I believe we can achieve something that we least expected. Through this film, it also educated viewers to dream big and work on your passion. You never know what may come forth if you did not take a step out to even try.

Ratings: 3.45 / 5