Wednesday, August 19

WILD CITY 《迷城》 Movie Review

The long-awaited feature in seven years, writer-director Ringo LAM sets his sights once again on Hong Kong’s seedy underbelly. In the spirit of City on Fire and Full Alert, Lam’s latest Canto-noir finds unsuspecting bystanders caught in a tangled web of and greed and betrayal, their growing anxieties punctuated with sudden bursts of violence. 

by Louis Koo 

A righteous, introvert and self-disciplined person. A former Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department, he resigns after covering his brother up in an operation. He opens a pub and befriends with drunken Siu Yuen one night, he is then innocently pulled into the whirlpool of corruption and slaying of gangsters.

by Shawn Yue 

Forthright and kind-hearted. He was once an amateur illegal racing driver and is now a taxi-driver. He believes he could start a relationship with Siu Yuen in the beginning. Under the temptation of money, he has a severe verbal altercation with Man and leads Man drawn into vicious slaughter of gangsters innocently.

by Chang Hsiao-Chuan 

The leader among the five Taiwanese gangsters and very skillful with firearms and weaponry. Most loyal to King and has a profound relationship with King. Blackie and the other gangsters decide to revenge for King and escalates the whole mission to a personal level.

Was invited as one of the bloggers to watch WILD CITY 《迷城》special preview yesterday evening! Gary came along with me to catch this film. 

Personally, I felt that this fast-paced film was decent and compact on its own. Though a slow build up to its plot, it was nicely crafted with good intense moments. Initially, the introductory was brief without much background, which kept me in suspense. It was then revealed with its flash back scenes. It could have been better if they lessen those flash back and inject the facts, for a better execution. Certain occurrence appear rather vague, which was not well-thought.

Louis Koo did well in his craft as (T-Man)! I like how his character was changed from one to another. A rather convincing delivery!

This film allows you to know more about Hong Kong and the people who are lost in the city. It also send a message across on the temptation of money. Greed can cause anyone out there to be ruthless and to the extent, betray your loved ones. 

"别让昨天的悲伤 浪费新的眼泪"

A good action crime show that follows similarly to a Hong Kong drama! 

Ratings: 3.6/5