Monday, August 3

Paper Towns Movie Review

Based on "The Fault In Our Stars" author John Green's book, "Papertowns" starts off with high school student, Quentin, who on a random night in his room is visited by his pretty neighbour Margo to help her go on a revenge quest for the people who have hurt her. But the next day when Margo suddenly goes missing, Quentin learns more about his mysterious friend through the clues she has left behind for him all across their town in order to find her.

Watched Paper Towns with Li yi last Saturday night. I finished reading this novel before it was out on screen! Since then, I have been anticipating to catch this film.

The plot was decent and it followed quite closely to the novel. The story flow was okay but certain scenes ended abruptly without much depth. The mysterious element presented was weak and not depicted as well as compared to the book. 

The characters each has its own traits and attitude towards school and relational life. Each individual love story then started to build up. The road trip scenes were amazingly presented as it was wacky and funny. It also triggered certain fond memories one might have during high school.

I enjoyed the adventure moment where Margo left certain clues behind to assure her whereabouts and safety. It could have been better if the finale had a twist to surprise those who have read this book. Nevertheless, a good romance film. 

Ratings: 3.7/5