Saturday, August 8

MdoC Relief Facial Wash Review

Men are becoming more aware of ‘beauty’ and ‘feminism’ as the is drawing attention to today's men. For men, their body (appearance and fashion) and skin care have become one of the important elements. Until now, men have used cosmetics without any special interests or knowledge. MdoC will fill your need for specialized and distinct lineup of cosmetics according to various skin types. 

MdoC Skincare products is exclusive brand only for men designed and developed according to men’s life style with Chamomile, Witch hazel, Camellia Sinensis Leaf, grape seed extract and many other beauty ingredients to deliver to the skin more effectively after long research and study.

I was shortlisted as one of the blogger to review their products! In this entry, I shall focus on MdoC relief facial wash products.

Relief foam cleansing 

Foam cleanser best suited for men's skin type - MdoC has designed a foam cleansing wash that works down to your dirtiest pores without over-drying your skin. Expect lesser outbreaks and a fresher appearance with MdoC™ Relief Foam Cleanser!

This product basically helps removes dead skin cells and skin wastes. It has a soft texture with delicate bubbles that goes easy on the skin. The ingredients used make the skin texture clear and moist after wash.

Relief Tonic

Feel the freshness with zero-stress relief tonic - MdoC™ Relief Tonic helps to control the secretion of oil on your skin and also works to close up your pores after shaving, which irritates the skin. 

Relief Essence Emulsion

Rich moisturization of essence -  MdoC™ Relief Essence Emulsion hydrates the skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth. It heals and moisturizes dry, sensitive skin. It helps to keep you look fresh even after a long day!

You may wish to know that the above products are targeted for dry skin users. Click here to find out more on their other products (i.e oily skin users and/or whitening series) which you may be interested! 

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Interested to get any MdoC products? 

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