Thursday, August 13

[Blogger Invitation] Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore Blogger Food Tasting Party‏

I was invited to a food tasting session: Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore Blogger Food Tasting Party!

Through a Malaysian government-funded initiative, Agrobazaar Singapore brings to the progressive Southern nation the fruits of Malaysian agriculture. Food is a very large part of the Malaysian culture and life, and this is represented in the extensive menu boasted by Agrobazaar Singapore. Every dish in our menu delivers, truly, the authentic taste of Malaysia. Coupled with the produce lovingly grown and cultivated on home soils, the establishment strives to provide the ultimate Malaysian agricultural experience to the foodie wanderer.

Agrobazaar Malaysia @ Singapore is your one stop for shopping, dinning and chilling out with friends, family and loved one. Not only it is a bustling hub of promotion solely for Malaysian grown and Malaysian produced goods, they also have a café (KopieSatu) and a restaurant (The Verandah), which served most authentic and fresh tasting Malaysian food and beverage possible outside of Malaysia.

Before the tasting started, we had a fruit decoration activity! This is our final product. Creative ya?

Penang Asam Laksa

This was ranked 7th most delicious food in the world by CNN! Certainly a good authentic dish though it tasted slightly flavourful and spicy to me. Personally, it could have been better if it was less sourish.  

Mee Bandung 'Muo'

I adore this dish pretty much! A popular Malaysian dish with distinctive gravy of mashed potatoes, chicken stock, tamarind, blended chilli and curry powder. The gravy tasted not too flavourful and complement well with the noodle. 

Tauhu Bakar

Grilled crisp tofu packets served with spicy peanut sauce.

Chicken Satay

My personal favourite dish of the day! The meat was tender and well-marinated in spices. It was perfectly grilled and served along with the peanut sauce!

Durian Rainbow Cake

The highlight of the night would be this dessert! I adore the fluffy texture of this sponge cake with durian goodness! Do give it a try!

Great to see familiar faces (bloggers & foodies) there! 
A good catch up!

Photo credit: The Influencer Network

Lot 37-43
Sultan Gate
Singapore 198485