Tuesday, July 21

Zero Calling 2 Drama Review

David Tan (Pierre Png) is trying to pick up the pieces of his life after a deadly encounter with the mysterious cyber-terrorist, Zero, that destroys his relationship with his stepdaughter, Maddy (Hayley Woo) and his marriage to Julie (Cynthia Koh). He discovers that Zero is not working alone and is, in fact, part of a group – the Zero Legion – that aims to spread their brand of terror throughout the region and the world. David is recruited to be part of an Interpol Task Force – led by the hard-headed Agent Fong (Janice Koh) and the cyber-savvy Agent Dhillon (Shabir) – whose mission it is to bring down the Zero Legion and identify its leader, Zero One. Who is Zero One? And where is the Zero Legion? 

Zero Calling 2 ended yesterday night on channel 5. Previously, there was Zero Calling 1. As compared, I prefer this sequel for its good story build up and intense scenes. 

Zero Calling 2 is an action-thriller that pits cyber-terrorists against the law enforcers seeking to stop them, leading up to a devastating and violent showdown that claims casualties on both sides. Though a slow build up to its plot, it was nicely presented with a good story flow that was well-crafted. There was an unexpected twist towards the end for its hidden truth, that was suspenseful.

Honestly, I thought the cast did a reasonably good job in their given roles. Some names worth mentioning would be - Janice koh and Elizabeth Lee! The finale of Zero Calling 2 left viewers nowhere. Most likely, there will be Zero Calling 3? 

Ratings: 4/5