Friday, July 10

【IMAKATSU】new menu food tasting session

Was invited to Imakatsu food tasting session at The Star Vista on Monday evening! This time, I am there to try out their new menu! Previously, I have attended a food tasting session to try out the food and blog about it here as well.

Introducing the 4 new dishes:

Premium Oyakodon 
(a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs)

The onsen egg, chicken meat and rice complement well its the special sauce. It tasted good and not too flavourful for me. A good appetizing dish! 

Mentaiko hot udon

Bonito stock and Mentaiko from Fukuoka was added to the broth to make this an authentic dish. I enjoyed the springy texture of this bowl of Udon. However, the added mentaiko was quite strong that I can hardly taste the original flavour of its broth. 

Spicy Pork Don

Premium pork from Kagoshima is used for this dish. The texture was slightly tough but rather chewy and juicy. The special spicy sauce was open your appetite to finish up your food. A good blend between sweetness and spiciness. 

Onsen egg cold udon

Personally, this was my favourite dish among the new menu introduced. The broth tasted not too blend nor salty for me. The onsen egg complements well with its springy udon and Surimi!

Premium Pork Loin

I adore the texture of the pork from Kagoshima that offers a real "taste" and sweetness" of its meat! It was thick juicy and tender!

Chicken Fillet Cutlet 

This is Imakatsu specialty dish. The chicken fillet tasted tender and juicy though it was slightly oily. Eat the chicken fillet while it is warm else it will not taste as good as it is when it turn cold.

Appreciated to be invited once again to Imakatsu food tasting! (: 

Imakatsu Singapore
The Star Vista (Buona Vista MRT)
Singapore 138617 
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10:00pm