Sunday, July 26

[Media Invite] Renowned Nan Hwa Fishboat launches new Alaskan codfish steamboat

Was invited to a media tasting: Renowned Nan Hwa Fishboat launches new Alaskan codfish steamboat at an old shop house at the corner of North Bridge Road and Jalan Sultan! Relish an old-school dining experience at the ground level’s dining area, with the smoky smell of charcoal wafting through the air. Customers can also opt to dine in the air-conditioned area on the second level.

Nan Hwa FishBoat has been delighting customers since 1927. Its traditional fish soup steam boat offers a uniquely Singapore dining experience.

Regular Grouper Steamboat 
with Atlantic Codfish

The oldest fish head steamboat restaurant in Singapore, Nan Hwa FishBoat, has introduced a new exciting offering to its line-up: Atlantic codfish steamboat in shabu-shabu style. Gently swish the codfish in the steaming Nan Hwa’s signtature Teochew style fish soup, and the cooked cod will literally melt in your mouth. 

Atlantic cod fish is known for its slightly sweet taste and is regarded as the most valued cod fish in the international market. The new Atlantic codfish dish can be ordered as an add-on to the regular fish head steamboat at $20. Besides red grouper, customers can choose a vast array of fresh fishes such as chinese pomfret, bighead carp and snapper.

Braised Pig Intestines

I thought that this dish was nicely prepared for its sweet taste that was well-balanced, tender with a chewy texture! 

Oyster Omelette

This dish tasted good though the eggs could have been slightly more crisp for better texture. Good that the oyster was nicely prepared as it was soft and not overcooked. It complements well with the egg. 

Fried Pork Belly with unique 
Fermented Red Beancurd

Crispy on the outside yet tender on the inside. It was well marinated and tasted not too flavourful nor blend for me. Particularly, I adore this dish pretty much!

Salted Egg Pork Ribs

This dish tasted pretty good. The salted egg was not too overpowering, but instead complements well with the pork ribs. A rather appetising dish that goes well with rice.

812/814/816 North Bridge Road 
Singapore 198779 
Opening Hours: 4:00pm to 1:00am (Open Daily)