Saturday, November 1

Tanaka Ainosuke was born with a weak left eye. Then one day, his older brother Yumehito dies mysteriously, allowing Ainosuke to receive a cornea transplant from him. After the surgery, whenever there is a shock to his left eye he sees strange images. Ainosuke assumes that the images might be clues to his brother's death and starts an investigation with the help of his junior high school nurse Sayama Hitomi. But just when their probe begins, an unidentified criminal organization appears to disrupt their investigation...

Finished watching this drama Hidarime Tantei EYE. Personally, I thought that the story plot was well-crafted though the flow presented was alittle weak. However, in terms of its suspense, this drama scores well.

In each episode, different mysterious criminal cases were presented. Coincidentally, each of it was connected to one another which make this drama a more interesting one. Towards the end, the hidden truth was revealed and that was when the puzzle was piece up together. 

I shall not share much because I will be a spoiler if I continue to write more about it. Overall, it is one of the better thriller drama series I have watched thus far.

Ratings: 3.8/5