Sunday, October 20

Zi Long (Donnie Yen) has been an infiltrating cop in Xiong's (Collin Chou) Hong Kong mafia clan for many years. The failure of his recent negotiation on behalf of Xiong with the other three local clans makes Xiong suspicious of Zi Long's identity. Xiong sets to wipe out every undercover in his gang. Sensing the danger, Zi Long requests an end to his undercover career from his supervisor Sir Zhang (Ronald Cheng). However, Zhang sends Zi Long to Mainland China to infiltrate a business of "Special Identity" trading instead. The business is run by Xiong's best protg Sunny (Andy On) who was Zi Long's previous buddy in the gang. Zhang promises to reinstate Zi Long's Police identity in conclusion of the mission once Sunny's business is broken down. Zi Long agrees, joining local Police Officer Lei Peng (Zhigang Yang) and Fang Jing (Jing Tian) in the force. 


Watched Special ID 特殊身份 with Gary and JW yesterday evening. The title of the film says it all as it depicted a life on being a undercover. A fast paced action film which has a weak story plot. It focused too much on the amazing fighting scenes which neglected the story. However, it is still decent and watchable. 

Fantastic fight moves! While watching the fight, I could feel the "pain" for them because it looked so.. real! Towards the end of the film, the climax gets to another level which kept viewers in excitement. 

Ratings: 3.15/5