Sunday, October 13

On the hottest day in 50 years, in the density packed urban centre, a serious fire incident happened to a busy commercial tower because of an unexpected phenomenon known as "flashover". As the fire burned their conscience to the ground, those who lacked passion in their life were about to meet a gaggle of firefighters with an indestructible enthusiasm to save lives.


Watched Out Of Inferno 逃出生天 with Jiewei earlier on. The story plot was direct and kept viewers engaged throughout the film. Great effort in the area of climax! Nice explosive scenes which bring it up to another level. Though the plot is slightly weak, I still enjoyed pretty much as a whole. 

Besides showing a career as a fire-fighter, it depicted the importance of kinship in each and every single of them who are trap in the building. While watching, I was rather touched by each individual story. 

It ended well with different learning points attained from the survivor and to move on with their lives. 

Ratings: 4.65/5