Thursday, October 10

01. 一切都是因為愛 Everything Is Love 
02. 我是你的 I Am Your… 
03. 想回家 Goin’Home 
04. 見外 Keep In Touch 
05. 死不睡覺 Death To Sleep
06. 汗水的重量 Faithball
07. 療傷歌手 The Medicine Man 
08. 第三人稱 3rd Person
09. 影子 For The Shadow
10. All My Love 

Previewed 倪安东 Anthony Neely latest album - Friends. This album is rather 'Anthony Neely' because simliar style was being portrayed. I like this strong vocal singer who produce quality music in his work. 

The recommended track from me will be: 一切都是因為愛想回家見外All My Love and 我是你的.

Signing off with his hit song~