Tuesday, July 23

 Gao (Jay Chou) is a young chap living in a 1970s fantasy retro world. He stays in a unique neighborhood located on the rooftop of a row of buildings. It is a slum to many, but for Gao, it is a home filled with warmth and vibrancy. Gao works in Po's (Eric Tsang) traditional medicine hall with two other friends. The gang of three often get into fights with Hong, the notorious neighborhood bully. One day, Gao and his friends rescue a girl from Hong’s bullying who happened to be Xin, the famous actress. The story unfolds as Xin gets to know these rowdy bunch living at the rooftop and how they eventually fall for each other despite living in drastically different worlds. Hong then plans his revenge on Gao. So will he succeed or will the couple live happily ever after?


Watched The Roof Top (天台). This film was directed by Singer-actor Jay Chou. I thought it was decent since this was his first try. 

The story started quite light-hearted and fun-loving where humor are injected. While watching, I thought it infused singing and dancing element which made certain scenes seems like a Hindi and musical film. The story did not flow that well with jumping scenes here and there. It was rather refreshing to catch it in a mandarin film. 

Though there are certain climax towards the end, I thought it ended rather abruptly for me. The transition was rather big, from lively to a sad ending. 

Overall, I think it is still quite a good film to catch.

Ratings: 3/5