Sunday, July 28

       严爵 好的情人 Love × π

01. 畢業生
02. 貳零零零年
03. 好的情人
04. 潔癖
05. 沒有答案
06. π
07. Everyday
08. 超級巨星
09. 勝券在握
10. 至少我有我
11. 沒有你的日子的我

Previewed 严爵 Yen-j latest album - 好的情人. This album is one of the better album from him I thought. Could see different genre of songs are being portrayed here. Nice that He had the opportunity to work with different artiste such as Mayday! Love most of his composition and I could see him as one of the potential artiste out there! 

The recommended track from me will be: π好的情人, 潔癖, 至少我有我 & 沒有答案.

Signing off with my favourite song~