Monday, July 15

01. 超有感
02. 糖伯虎
03. 村上的貓
04. 千分之一
05. 一體成形
06. 變奏的浪漫
07. 忘了怎麼快樂
08. 大確幸
09. 不預料
10. 1413
11. 超級煩
12. 超好感 (超有感/糖伯虎/變奏的浪漫/村上的貓/千分之一)

Previewed 黃鴻升 Alien Huang latest album - 超有感. This album is rather 'Alien Huang' because the same style was being portrayed. Nevertheless, it is still decent. Something commendable was that He is constantly improving, be it singing, hosting or dancing. 

The recommended track from me will be: 超有感,  千分之一,  忘了怎麼快樂 and 大確幸!

Signing off with his hit song~