Friday, December 7

Went for SMTown Live in Tokyo premiere screening with Danny on Wednesday! The concert was great with a mixture of talented singer on stage. Was impressed by their dance performance. I must say that they could dance well! 

Wonderful performance put up by SMTown especially to SNSD, SJ, Shinee & TVXQ. They have nice and sharp features. In my opinion, I think Yoona & Dong Hae has the x-factor quality.

It seems that most songs are lipsync by the singers. It will be better if it was sang live, maybe not the fast tempo song but slow ones. Nevertheless, great stage presence. 

oh ya, if you are a fan of Boa & Kangta, I guess no point watching it because Boa appeared only twice. Kangta is nowhere to be seen.

Thank you Golden Village!

Ratings: 3.38/5