Wednesday, December 5

In search of a film titled King Game, I came across similar genre of show - Death Game Park. The description states that it reminiscent Battle Royale. Thus, was rather excited because I like this kinda genre film! Then, I started watching it. 

The story started out quite good. As usual, there are stages for each person to complete before moving on. In total, there are 13 prisoners. In order to move on, each have to successfully complete it. Failure to do so, result in a death penalty. Other survivors will move to next round.

I feel that the story is direct and fast. Certain scenes could have been done better, educating the viewers more. The story goes on well. Till the end, I guess it confused me terribly with unexpected twist. There are many question mark which made me ponder about. Quite mind-blowing with the usage of past images scenes.

I guess it will be how you interpret the ending. I have my own interpretation on this show thus I guess it will be good for you to catch it and interpret it yourself. 

Ratings: 2.9/5