Saturday, December 22

Tried Raisin Cream Cheese & Choz Banana  from Barcook Bakery. The texture of the bread is soft and the amount of filling stuffed in it is just nice. Not too much or less. Nice! 

Raisin Cream Cheese

Raisin Cream Cheese - The bread is soft with few raisin added. The cheese is not too heavy thus it did not get "jerlat" after the few bites I had. Great taste which blend well together with raisins and bread. I think it could be better if the cheese was spread-ed evenly.

Choz Banana

Choz Banana - The bread is soft and fluffy. A good combination of banana and chocolate because this will never go wrong. The sweetness of the chocolate and banana was acceptable to my taste bud. It is a good choice to have it for tea-breaks. 

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Pictures credit to: Barcook Bakery