Saturday, December 8

Sweet Potato Latte

Chill out with Church mates @ Cups N Canvas recently. The place is cosy and has nice ambiance. The concept is refreshing and its a good chill out place. 

Ordered sweet potato latte which I felt was something rare and unique. This beverage here is non-caffeinated. With the first sip, I thought it tasted like a fresh brewed milk. After more sip of this beverage, I got to taste the sweetness of the potato. There were mashed purple sweet potato in it which blended well with milk. I kinda like it. It is good for tea-break or during rainy day.

And yup, reasonable price too! Besides that, they do sell other stuff such as sandwiches, desserts and set meals!

Ambiance: 3/5
Service: 3.4/5
Price: 3.2/5
Sweet Potato Latte: 3.6/5

Cups N Canvas
139 Selegie Road
Singapore, Singapore 188309

Opening Hours: Tues to Thurs: 10.30am-10pm
                              Fri to Sat: 10.30am-11pm
                              Sun: 10am-6pm
                              Monday: Cafe Closed