Sunday, September 16

Watched Resident Evil: Retribution with JW & Gary yesterday. I feel that the story line is alright but the flow was rather messy. Instead of the thrill, I feel that there are more fighting scenes instead. Though certain scenes are rather draggy, there are certain climax which brings up the show. If you are going for the thrill, I guess you have to skip this one and wait for the next one!

Ratings: 2.5/5

Watched The Fierce Wife with mum today! There is a drama before this movie, I enjoyed watching because it educates the viewers to treasure their loved ones and not take it for granted.

I feel that this romance film is rather humorous. I guess those who went to watch this film wanted to know ultimately who Xie An Zhen will be with. Thanks to the humorous scenes which brings the show up if not it will be rather dull. There isn't much climax nor excitement because towards the end because it is rather clear who Xie An Zhen loves.

Anyway, catch this film only if you have watch the drama series because with that, you could relate better and put yourself in the character's role. Nevertheless, happy ending!

Ratings: 3/5