Monday, September 24

Wanted to catch liar game - the final stage in cinema previously without knowing that there is a drama for it. However, I did not watch either. I did not expect that this film will be similar to the of genre I like. The first Japanese film I was expose to is battle royale! Till then, I realized that I actually enjoyed it. After which, I began to enjoy watching Japanese film. There's too many to name!

Alright! I shall write my thoughts and review on this series.

Kanzaki Nao is an honest college student who receives a hundred million yen one day, along with a card saying she has been chosen to take part in the "Liar Game". The aim of the game is to trick the other players out of their hundred million dollars.

Liar Game 1:

I feel that the story line is superb with unexpected plot. Most importantly, it is short, sweet and direct without beating the bush. In total, there are 4 rounds to this series. Each stages, there are different task to be completed in order for one to move on or out of the game with debts. You have to think ahead others and strategies your plan, be it to lie or to cheat it is up to you.

Other than the games, there is a story behind it which involved revengeful thoughts. In order to see if there is such honest person who exists, Kanzaki Nao was choosen to play the liar game.  That is when everything is pre-planned and the story continues from there.

Throughout the game, it made me realized the ugly side of a human. On the other note, also understand that there is still hope when people like Nao existed in the game and by no means try her best to save everyone on being debt-free.

Ratings: 4/5


Liar Game 2:

The naïve Kanzaki Nao and expert swindler Akiyama Shinichi have not heard anything from the LIAR GAME organization since the end of the previous game, so it seems they may have actually escaped. But Nao suddenly gets another invitation and is once again caught up in the game.

As usual, unexpected plot. Matsuda Shota proceeded to the next round without Nao. However, she was invited to go back and play the liar game yet again.

Other than the game, there is also a story behind with involved both Matsuda Shota & Katsuragi Ryo. Both were once a classmate. Both equally smart but have different beliefs. One who is optimistic while the other pessimistic. Imagine having this two in the game, that is where you see how both strategies their plans.

One scene which capture my attention, Nao mentioned this to Matsuda Shota saying, "You & Katsuragi Ryo are equally great but you are the compassionate one while Katsuragi Ryo is the great but not good. One thing that I could apply from my church sermon, "God is great and He is also good!" Thank God that he is great and also good! If I have a God who is great and no good. I guess I will live in big fear!

Ratings: 3.5/5


Kudos to Matsuda Shota, Kanzaki Nao & Suzuki Kosuke! Impressive acting! The others did well with their given roles too!

Throughout the whole series, it made me realized one thing that everyone has their own character. Be it how evil and black-hearted the person may be, each still has their vulnerable and kind-hearted side.

Quoted from the show: "This game isn't only about deceiving people, it is a game of seeing how far people can believe in others."


Anyway, I have watched the liar game - the final stage as well. Will do the review after I watched the liar game - Reborn.