Thursday, September 16

Time passes fast! It's already day 4 of my training. Yesterday, had tried picking up calls. The first one really stress me up. It's like I need to know the proper way to speak and handle it well. At the other hand, have to know the ways to resolved or seek help from escalator and 2nd level. There's alot more to it. Most likely, I would have my own station next week. Hopefully, I can handle it well since I'll be doing the basic first. Had meeting yesterday evening and it ended like 9pm. It's the OT which attracts me to go for it.

My senior was rather strict yet relax at times. Anyway, still appreciate him for the guidance. Get along pretty well with a funny colleague which made me laugh whole day long though I am feeling rather tired.

Dinner with Wilson and Jeffrey this evening! Great company and we had great time updating ourselves with personal and work issues. Really enjoyed the time together. Thanks Jeffrey for the treat and Wilson for the company! Appreciated it.

One of my assignment result is out and I did badly! I do not understand why the effort I put in did not reflect as shown. Felt kind of upset. However, I tend not to get so bothered about it. I still have another 70% on hand to pull up my grades. I left a question out and that explains why thus I do not feel that upset but only to blame my carelessness for not reading the question properly.