Saturday, September 4


Just came back from Elva concert! The concert certainly WOW me! However, certain sequence of the program was rather similar to her Up to U concert which makes the program rather dull as I roughly know what would happen next. Otherwise, I feel that she put up a great performance! Most songs she sang were my favourite! Must say that her singing and dancing improved tremendously. As usual, she's one singer who got the stage presence which I did not see in any of the other singer yet.

Dao Shu is one difficult song and she handle it so well singing it live! Must really applause for that! Zui Shou Xi De Muo Shen Ren was really nice as we get to sing along with her! Her dance moves for WOW and Dai Yan Ren was really great!!! Yin Wei Ni and Wo Yao De shi Jie were nicely compose from her! The list goes on and on. Overall, she's a all rounded singer who can sing, dance and compose songs! (:

Awaiting for her new album end of this month!