Monday, September 6

In the morning, went to visit my lovely grandma at old folks. Think we chose the right timing to visit her because she was wide awake unlike the other time we went.

After which, spent the afternoon with mum. Random shopping and had lunch and dinner together. It's been some time since I spent time with her due to my hectic schedule. :( Bump onto Wei ling with her boyfriend as well! hahahaa..

Then, went to visit the dental for cleaning. It's been a decade since I visited the dental thus I felt kinda nervous. The cleaning lasted about 30mins and I have another appointment for either filling or extraction depending on my tooth. Friendly dentist! (:

Results for my first drawing assignment out. And guess what!? I did not score well though I managed to pass. Anyway, drawing is subjective so I guess maybe my lecturer do not really like mine but who knows?! Maybe someone out there appreciate my drawing. (:

Thus, it's not about the effort sometimes. In this case, its about luck whether the marker like your piece if not the score will not be what you would like to see.

Till then!

Won Going the Distance Collectibles! Will be collecting it this week. (: