Sunday, September 12

Had my part 1 of drawing examination yesterday morning. I think I did not do that well. Felt kinda pressurize when I see students besides me did so well! Hopefully a passing grade will do me happy.

Had lunch with Yong Jun and Bernard! At the same time, spent time updating ourselves with studies and personal issues. Had fun at arcade as well.

Then, went for church service. I really like the sermon alot! I gain lotsa insights from it. However, I feel that its easy to learn but hard to apply especially when we are still humans who has many flaws. The best and only way to that is to pray, pray and pray. Seek God for wisdom!

Then, dinner and clubbing at st James with CG. Got free entry because I'm student! Explore the various places as well. Left early because I'm not feeling well. Still having flu now.

Did my quiz assignment just now. I thought I could score a full marks since I'm rather confidence with my answers. However, I still got 3 questions wrong. Thus, scored 85 marks for it. Anyway, its only 9%. Have to study hard for my examination because its a 70% paper. Really need the motivation and faith in myself that I can do it! May God strengthen me with that! (: