Saturday, May 22

In the afternoon, met Huan & Sun for lunch! And again, went to jusacia because the price was reasonable! However, this time to marina square outlet! As compared to dhoby ghaut outlet, this one had more customer! Ate Ebi fried cum dory fish set! It tasted great! Chatted loads about our future since Huan & Sun ord-ing soon! I realised that humans are damn selfish and most of the time we are thinking about our own problem. Instead of having a good listening ears, we tend to talk more than we listen.

After which, went for church service. As usual, it reminded me lotsa stuff which could apply to my daily life. Then, dinner at botak jones and surprisingly my veggie burger set tasted reasonably nice.

Then, continued our praise and worship cum farewell. I admit that I was rather sad to know that Hanyang transferring to SMU group. However, I think he had already done alot in the NS ministry and time to move on. I believe he will do well there! Thanks for everything you have done! You certainly impacted me one way or another.

Not to forget Yong Sheng who did a good job leading his CG..

ID2010 something to look forward to...

What's my identity now? Why I am behaving so weird? I ponder.. )':