Thursday, May 6

Had lunch with fellow colleagues - R n P, UWO, Manpower, ID, SIS and SCI. JT organised this lunch outing because he's going to ord tomorrow. Seriously, I feel that we should have this kind of huge group lunch outing to know more from one another. In a way, it builds up friendship and at the same time enhance working efficiency.

Had our lunchie @ Dian Xiao Er. It's my first visit to the restaurant and it has nice ambiance. The food tasted reasonably alright. For me, the best dish was duck roasted meat. After which, went to a pushcart, selling candy with interesting name such as 'long thing' & 'threesome'. Then, decided to try it. Great sharing the 'long thing' with one another. LOL!

Then, back to help JT with keeping of chairs. And guess what!? I became his camera-man of the day. Going most of the departments to take pictures for him. It's kind of tiring/boring taking same types of shots. I took almost half-day doing that. Anyways, I think he appreciated it.

Anyways, I remembered JT commented on his fb that he felt quite stress as he's going to ord. I began to understand what's he is trying to say because my turn will come pretty soon. Have to do lotsa planning and not lay back.

Pictures will be up soon!

More pictures at facebook album! (:

Everyone just wants to be a winner!!!!