Tuesday, May 25

Before exam, went to collect my winning vouchers at Ngee Ann poly. Received it from a adorable girl. (: Then, went to meet my class mates to revise for exam. Think most of us studied the revision notes, hoping that most questions will come out. Luckily, most questions came out. However, I did not really go through everything but about 65% of it. Anyway, I think I will pass. I do not bother about the marks but as long a pass will do me (: because my maths is pretty weak. Its been awhile since I had examination since RP only have UTs. The experience let me think of the time I had during secondary days, taking exams!

Then, went to cineleisure, collecting my new urban male voucher! (:

Thanks to those for the encouragement and words. A simple encouragement certainly brighten my day! Thanks God for making it possible for me to start doing those questions! Praise god!