Wednesday, December 14

[Media Review] Shou Slimming introduces its Oriental Wellness Programme (Massage Treatment)

Flaunt a figure that only Shou can give. Shou revolutionises body slimming through the use of safe and effective treatments. Its personalised and natural treatments remove stubborn fat in a painless manner. At Shou, customers do not have to take any pills, meal supplements or undergo injections, crash diets or sweaty workouts. Shou’s programmes help to shape overall body contours - customers can achieve the body they have always wanted.

Shou Slimming introduces its Oriental Wellness Program, a sixteen-session program combining Eastern massage techniques with key Western technologies in a custom massage treatment programme. The series of massage sessions with medical-grade aesthetic technology, accelerates the lymphatic drainage and body rejuvenation while providing a comfortable treatment focused on pressure point therapy for relief.

Using the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) method of respecting pressure points along the nervous system (called Meridians), the Wellness programme focuses on relieving the pressure along these Meridians. With 12 principal Meridians covering the body’s nervous system from head to toe - such as the intestine, bladder, spleen and even the kidneys and liver, Shou Slimming’s Oriental Wellness Programme focuses on increasing overall well-being to improve general health.

Each session is a 90 minute therapy, kicking off with a herbal compress (a pack containing 8 different herbs & ingredients) to “warm up” the nervous system & improve blood circulation. Working through the different pressure points, my muscle aches & sores are relieved.

Combining the very best of East-West therapy with technology, the Oriental Wellness Programme by Shou Slimming is a sure way to relieve those sore muscles and have an overall appreciation of wellness for good. Shou Slimming’s Oriental Wellness Programme is a 16-session programme and is $1,888 (incl. GST).

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