Friday, November 13

[Media Invite] HOHOHO! Pie-Tastic Christmas At Pies & Coffee‏

This Christmas Jubilee, Pies & Coffee will tantalise taste buds with a series of mouth-watering creations worthy of the Yuletide feast. Bask in the magical spirit of Christmas! 

Christmas Turkey Pie

This dish features grilled garlic turkey, turkey ham, turkey bacon, figs, orange peel, chopped walnuts and spices, harmoniously simmered in pumpkin cream sauce. A savoury pie to indulge during this Christmas festive season! 

The Shepherd’s Black Pepper Chicken Pie

Particularly, I enjoyed this dish pretty much! It is appetising and complement well with its crust. This pie is stuffed with stewed chicken chunks, carrots, celery, green as well as red peppers, potatoes and onions.

Choco-Holly  Indulgence

Chocolate hazelnut mousse layered on top with the homemade pistachio butter cream! It is chocolatey rich in flavour. If you are a chocolate lover, you would definitely enjoy it. 

Christmas Rhapsody

Hand-whipped pandan custard spread across a subtle gula melaka sponge, which is then  rolled with soft-boiled azuki beans and nata de coco. A rather unique creation that stands on its own! 

The Classic Fruitcake

A classic Christmas tale of fruit symphony: figs, apricots, prunes, orange peels, cherries, almonds and sultana toppings. 

Festive Eggless Chocolate Loaf with Peanut Butter 

Luvin' the chocolate loaf w peanut butter! A moist eggless texture that complement well with its rich and creamy peanut butter!

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