Wednesday, November 4

[Invitation] Imakatsu Singapore New Store

Was invited to Imakatsu 2nd outlet on Sunday evening! This time, I was there not only for the food but to enjoy a new dining experience. Previously, I attended 2 of their food tasting session and blog about it as well. - Imakatsu new menu & Imakatsu food tasting.

I adore the ambiance of the restaurant as it is cosy with dim lighting used. The layout is classic which stand out on its own. Customers can choose to dine outside or inside, to their preferences.

Satsumaage Mentai

The dish tasted like fish cake with a slight tinge of saltiness. It was nicely sliced and well-presented. It may appear slightly oily but I adore its texture.

Mochi Cheese Cutlet

I adore this dish which was nicely prepared. The battered is flaky and crispy, not overly done. It complement well with the mochi cheese that was pleasantly tasty. 

As before, these dishes below still tasted as good as it is!

Piyopiyo Minced Meat Cutlet

Premium Pork Loin

Healthy Katsu

Premium Oyakodon 


The salt used here is extracted from seawater of the Yamaguchi Prefecture. Dip a little with the Katsu and Pork loin to give you a different surprise to your taste bud.

[Happy hour 6pm - 10pm] 
1 pint - 1 for 1 Asahi, Blanc & Highball! 
Available till end of November 15. 

52 Boat Quay
Singapore 049841