Thursday, November 19

May Who? Movie Review

Pong (Bank – Thiti) is a high school geek who belongs to a group of high school outcasts known as the ‘Invisibles’. He enjoys letting his imagination run wild, drawing cartoons of a girl he likes. He doesn’t have the guts to ask her out because she belongs to a more popular clique in school. Pong’s cartoon illustration is the reason he gets to know a schoolmate named May. A nickname, so common for Thai girls that whenever anyone talks about a girl named May, whoever is listening will ask, “May who?” 

Watched May Who? with Ting Feng yesterday night.

Personally, I feel that the story is refreshing and entertaining that stands on its own. The way of expressing love is usually through letters. However, this film depict a creative method, which is through comical drawings. Each chapter in its drawing has a imaginative yet wild concept for a girl that the person adore. It also triggers certain memories one may encounter during high school.

The story flow well though it could have been more refined with a consecutive plot. The many humourous scenes certainly liven me up as a viewer. However, some of its humour elements seems 'trying too hard' for me.   

Particularly, I adore the character - Pong, who has a positive attitude in his love life. Despite whatever outcome, He decided to do his best and woo the girl. The touching moment is presented towards the finale, when May has to make a decision between the two. 

This film may have a predictable plot but it was fun to watch!

Ratings: 4/5