Monday, June 1

Pitch Perfect 2 Movie Review

The Barden Bellas are back in Pitch Perfect 2, the follow-up to summer 2012’s smash hit. The comedy is helmed by Elizabeth Banks, co-star and producer of Pitch Perfect, and produced by Paul Brooks, Max Handelman and Banks. Writer Kay Cannon returns to the team to pen the next chapter.

Watched Pitch Perfect 2 with Ting feng and Cynthia yesterday late afternoon! Personally, the story was good and rather entertaining on its own. Though the plot may not be as beautifully depicted as before, I thought it was commendable as it trigger memories one may have during high school. 

It was nice to see individuals with different personality and common interest come together, accepting one another strengths and weaknesses for that same goal. The different characteristic certainly bring many joy to the viewers. The chemistry among the cast certainly made this film an even watchable one.

Though certain funny elements injected appear quite lame; some were still quite humorous! It showed us the importance of teamwork and educated viewers never to be complacent but to continuously strive for improvements. 

Nice ballads performance though I expected more could be delivered. Nevertheless, a decent film to catch!

Ratings: 4.2/5