Wednesday, June 17

《心谜》Mind Game Drama Review

Mind Game is thriller-romance drama with many unexpected twists and suspense. Liang Wen Jie (Tay Ping Hui) is a paralegal at a law firm; he is in-charge of many mysterious cases that requires thorough investigations. In each case, suspects are extremely careful as they plot elaborate lies to escape from detection. However, none of them can escape from Wen Jie who has a sharp analytical mind and is attentive to even the smallest details. 

《心谜》是一部既惊险又浪漫的电视剧,故事情节曲折、悬念重重。梁文杰(郑斌辉) 是一家律师楼的助理律师。他处理的案件都比较特殊,也非常具有挑战性。在每个罪案例中,嫌犯都会精心设计重重陷阱与谎言,避免暴露自己。但没有人能够逃脱文杰敏锐的观察力以及判断能力,他有着惊人的天赋,再棘手的案件也难不倒他。聪明过人的文杰虽然对查案了如指掌,但对自己所面对的生活问题却束手无策。

The following are the main cast:

Just finished watching《心谜》Mind Game on channel 8. Personally, I enjoyed this drama as it constantly kept me in good suspense with the different cases presented. Each case was nicely crafted with an unexpected twists. Though certain occurrence may appear somewhat coincidence and predictable, the story flow was commendable. 

Having similar plot like Against The Tide 逆潮, I thought that《心谜》Mind Game scores better in terms of the chemistry and acting capability among the cast. The story was more compact and convincing to a certain extent.

Honestly, The main and supporting casts acted well in their given roles. However, the 2 obvious ones that did exceptionally well would be Zhang Yao Dong and Joanne Peh! 

Hope to see more similar genre of drama being aired in channel 8! I am sure to watch it! 

Ratings: 4.35/5