Sunday, June 7

[Media Invitation] Launch of Chabuton’s latest spicy ramen with five levels of spiciness‏

Was invited to a media tasting: Chabuton’s latest spicy ramen at Chabuton Millenia Walk! They are unveiling a new dish - Yoruton Ramen (S$12.90), which has five levels of spiciness! 

Yoruton ramen is a super spicy offering  that  boasts  a  piquant  taste  of  garlic.  A juicy slice of pork rests atop the ramen, which is swimming in a thick and rich broth. The spicy broth is a blend of a special chilli paste with Chabuton’s signature tonkotsu soup.

Basically, I felt that the yoruton ramen tasted okay but the spiciness was rather overwhelming for me. I am not a spicy food lover thus this might not be my pick for a ramen dish unless I go for level 2 instead of level 3 maybe?

Yoruton  ramen appears too spicy for you? Fear not! There are other regular ramen where you could choose from:
                                                              Tonkotsu Ramen                      Tonkotsu Kara Kara Ramen

                                    Char Siew Ramen                                       Shoyu Ramen

I tried Chabuton's Tonkotsu Ramen and Shio Ramen previously at 313 somerset. Honestly, I prefer their shio ramen with my preferred customised selection. I guess each has its own preferences ya? Remember to request for a customised selection else you will get the normal broth and noodle texture.

Hitokuchi Gyoza
Nice thin cripsy gyoza with good seasoning. 
It could have been better if they are more generous for their fillings.

Sweet Fried Prawns 
Definitely a side to order to go along with your ramen!

Soup Gyoza


The Yoruton Ramen will only be available until end of July 2015. Patrons who order the Yoruton Ramen will receive a loyalty card. With every order of the Yoruton  Ramen, patrons will receive a stamp. With every five stamps collected, patrons will receive cash vouchers. 

The completed card will also be entered in the Grand Lucky Draw, where participants will stand a chance to win an iPhone 6 Plus. 4 iPhone 6 Plus to be won!

9 Raffles Boulevard
#02-15 Singapore 039596 
Opening hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm 
Tel: 6837 0335