Sunday, January 5


Was invited as one of the blogger to cover Channel U’s Private Screening for 2 food-related programmes - Served Hot 《烧。卖》A Taste of History 《寻味地图》last Friday! The event was held at Swatow Seafood Restaurant!

From left: Shane Pow 包勋评, Ian Fang 方伟杰, Ya Hui 雅慧, Aloysius Pang 冯伟衷

From Left: Zhu Houren 朱厚任, Chew Chor Meng 周初明, Lee Teng 李腾, 
Bryan Wong 王禄江

Then, the cast were being interviewed about their roles and experience acting in the drama - served H.O.T《烧。卖》. Oh ya! The host for this event was Bryan wong! Bryan also asked a interesting question, "Eh, Ya hui, among the 3 hunks (Ian Fang, Aloysius Pang & Shane Pow) who will be your ideal guy? And She gave a smart answer, "I like one big tummy instead of 6 packs guy"! hahah! 

At the same time, Bryan also talk about his infotainment program - A Taste of History 《寻味地图》.

Testing Lee Teng acting capability!

Celebrating Bryan Wong's birthday! 

After which, it was dinner and preview screening time! 

These were the sumptuous dishes being served to us!

Siew Mai with Fish Roe | Braised Crabmeat Fish Maw Soup
Steam Sea Bass in Teochew Nonya Style | Swatow Kampong Chicken
Wok Fried Vegetable Deluxe | Singapore Laska
Sweet Yam Paste with Pumpkin and Gingko Nuts 

《寻味地图》A Taste of History

Taste the rich flavours of traditional delicacies. Feel the deep sentiments attached to their heritage. Be touched, not only by the taste of food, but also by the stories behind it – stories forged by history and the creators of the very dishes. From the past to the present, we shall let our taste buds discover and relive these fond memories. A Taste of History ingenuously combines food with history through selected local delicacies featured in every episode, presenting their local ethnic origin and long standing heritage.

寻味地图》 A Taste of History was being screened first for us to watch! Did not have a good view watching but yup still managed to catch some glimpse of it.

This infotainment programme was host by Bryan Wong. The food that was introduced on the 1st episode was Peranakan Pastries, Taw Kwa Pau and Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee. It featured the history of Katong area. As usual, He did well with his hosting and introducing the variety of classic dishes!

Episode 2 will showcase on the former Joo Chiat and its food! Look out for it!

Established shop ‘Nanyang Delicacies’ is searching for ‘the fated person’ who can discover the special flavour behind its laksa. The one who has the correct answer will be given its laksa secret recipe, worth a million dollars. Many have attempted but failed to even meet the founder in person, until this day when 3 boys in their twenties arrive in the shop. Upon tasting the laksa, they ask “Can I see the chef?”. From that moment on, their life stories are rewritten.

The following will be the 4 main cast:

曾美薇 (雅慧饰) / Zeng Mei Wei (starring Yahui)

The “S” in the acronym S.H.O.T.. Zeng Mei Wei has always wanted to be like her dad (Chew Chor Meng), a master chef. However her father disapproves of her passion & even forbids her from entering the kitchen. Mei Wei is not at all disheartened but more determined to improve her culinary skills. 

庄浩伦(包勋评饰) / Zhuang Hao Lun (starring Shane Pow)

The “H” in the acronym S.H.O.T. . His mother left him and his 一younger sister to her colleagues at the KTV bar when they were young. Hao Lun thinks she eloped with a man, and takes special care of his sister out of fear that she will make the same mistakes as their mother. Hao Lun has superb negotiation and marketing skills. 

陈欧文 (方伟杰饰) / Owen Tan (starring Ian Fang)

The “O” in the acronym S.H.O.T. . Owen is usually mild tempered, sometimes “slow” witted, and often teased by Hao Lun. He will see red whenever he sees red colored fluids. Hao Lun is skilful with his kitchen knives. He grew up selling char siew with his mother, but made many mistakes due to his bad temper.

何泰龙 (冯伟衷饰) / He Tai Long (starring Aloysius Pang)

The “T” in the acronym S.H.O.T. . Tai Long is from a wealthy family. He is the second son of the boss of a large restaurant chain. He is born with a special gift – every time he tastes something, he is able to sniff out all the raw materials used to make that dish. He is observant and dislikes confrontation, but seems to always land up in ‘battles’ and conflicts.

After which, Served Hot 《烧。卖》teaser was screened! This film here focused on the story of the process on becoming a successful chef and the hard work behind before becoming one. In order to achieve the goal, each of them try their best working on the dish again and again before being recognized as a good chef. The theme song for the drama were rather catchy too.

A refreshing film which encourages viewers out there to persevere on their dreams, and never give up even when facing rejection and obstacles!

I think it will be better if episode 1 of this drama was screen on that day.

Popiah making for games!

Remember to catch this 2 new programmes soon on Channel U!
《寻味地图》 A Taste of History - Debuts 7 Jan 2014, every Tuesday 8.30pm!
Served Hot 《烧。卖》- Debuts 13 Jan 2014, every Monday - Friday 10.00pm!


Bloggers with the cast!

Did not managed to get many good shots because the security was rather tight that day. Had a good time though. Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening a successful one! Am blessed to have the opportunity to cover for Served Hot 《烧。卖》A Taste of History 《寻味地图》 ! (: