Saturday, January 25

阿牛 2014全新國語專輯  《光腳丫》

脫掉鞋子  光著腳丫
自由自在  前方無限寬廣

01. 光腳丫   
02. 姑娘姑娘我愛你  
03. 寶貝我的寶  
04. 關懷方式
05.  30++    
06. 給從前的愛
07. 阿公
08. 心肝寶貝
09. 小偷      
10  Will you marry me

Previewed Ah Niu 阿牛 - 光脚丫. This album was decent and I thought it bring out Ah Niu personality in his singing. Simple and meaningful lyrics which drew my attention and brought back certain memories, be it bad or good. Though there isn't much exciting element added in the songs; I felt that the emotions he put forth was already good enough. 

The recommended track from me will be: 光腳丫寶貝我的寶30++ and 給從前的愛!

Signing off with his hit song!