Sunday, January 12

The dish here is Bacon Olio from Aglio Olio! The presentation of the dish was nicely presented! This shows that the chef put in effort before serving the customer. 

The portion was decent and I thought that the bacon blended well with the Aglio Olio! Not too oily or dry. Each mouth was appetizing which suit my taste bud. 

Ambiance: 3.2/5
Service: 3.5/5
Price: 3.5/5
Bacon Olio: 3.65/5

Aglio Olio 
3 Pickering Street
China Square Central #01-40/41
Singapore 048660
Tel: +65 6327 3622

Aglio Olio Bistro
8 Shenton Way, #B1-14
Singapore 068811
Tel: +65 6226 1622