Sunday, April 21

Dinner was with E35D at Arirang Korean BBQ buffet! First time visiting this restaurant. Ling booked a table for 14 and requested to have the air-conditional seats, however we are directed to the ones near the entrance. 

The food was average I thought. Not all dishes were authentic Korean cuisine. Quite affordable price if you do not mind having a normal meal there. The recommended ones will be:

- Fish in Egg Butter 
- Ginseng Chicken Soup 
- Sour Plum Drink
- Sago with watermelon

I think there are room for improvement for the service. Since we make reservations, we should get the seats when we arrived. They should provide sufficient food for all so when customer order, it is still available. Whenever there isn't any left, they should politely let us know.

Ambiance: 2.65/5
Service: 2.4/5
Price: 3.25/5
Food: 2.9/5

Arirang Korean BBQ buffet
1 Liang Seah Street
#01-07/08 Liang Seah Place
Tel: 6333 0025

Daily: 6pm – 11.30pm

After which, decided to head to kungfu paradise for dessert!

Tried the chocolate shaved ice dessert and I think it tasted pretty chocolaty - Thick and rich! The little balls gave a surprise once you chew it. And yup, the milk tea there tasted pretty good too!

Great company and catch up! (: