Monday, April 22

01 因你而在
02 修炼爱情
03 黑暗骑士
04 零度的亲吻
05 飞机
06  巴洛克先生
07 One Shot
08 裂缝中的阳光
09 友人说
10 十秒的冲动
11 以后要做的事
12 一千年后记得我

Previewed JJ Lin Jun Jie 林俊杰 Latest album! I think he put in effort in this album with different rendition of melody and duet with singer like Lee hom 王力宏!

The recommended track from me will be: 修炼爱情, 飞机, One shot, 裂缝中的阳光, 以后要做的事 and 零度的親吻. Those mentioned will be the kind of genre of music I prefer. The lyrics are beautifully pen and is meaningful. 

Signing off with his hit songs~
Ratings: 3.55/5