Wednesday, April 24

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#9 Stop was to Yummi Bites!

Fried Durian Fritters

The fritters that I had was:
- Durian Seedless
- Chicken Curry Bomb
- CheeseBall

Among the 3, the recommended one will be chicken curry bomb! The filling was rich and flavourful! (:

*Image courtesy from Yummi Bites.

#10 Stop was to Maggiemoo's 

The ice-cream that I tasted was: 
Dark Chocolate
Red Velvet Cake
Cotton Candy 

The recommended flavour from me will be red velvet! It tasted just nice, not too sweet for my taste bud. The others such as vanilla and dark chocolate tasted reasonably good too!

And yup! Tasted the ice-cream shake - Strawberry & Mint! I prefer strawberry over mint because I am a strawberry lover! =P