Saturday, March 23

Was invited to Channel U’s Start Up!《创!》private screening as a Uber VIP on Thursday evening! It was held at Onaka restaurant & wine bar in ARC.

The guest waiting and queuing to get into the restaurant. 

The spread of refreshment being served there. The food tasted reasonably good. The dish I adore most was salmon! Oh ya, watermelon sashimi had a unique taste of its own too.

And yup! Saw Calvin Timo there! (:

The host for this event was Ben Yeo! Still looking boyish as usual. 

First to came out was the director. This was his first chinese drama out of the english drama he did previously before. He shared with us about having inspiration of creating this series. Something interesting he mentioned about is to start anew and leaving the past behind. 

The above trailer is what you get to watch from television or online. The one I watched was the extended trailer for this drama - Start Up!《创!》.  To me, I think this series look pretty promising, showcasing different characters. 

There was one scene which caught my attention was Yin Xuan (starring Rebecca Lim) and Sun Shao (starring Zhang Zhen Huan) where there was a commotion about her revenging over her father's death. In order to know the entire truth, I guess I have to only catch it!

Remember to catch this 13 episode show starting on 28th March 2013 (Thursday) 8pm at Channel U! 

I think it will be better if I catch episode 1 so that I could write more about this show. Oh ya! Reminded me about the private screening I went - Secrets For Sale 拍。卖 

Then, the theme song which was sang by Tay Ke wei came out to present her song. Nice song which I thought was nicely and beautifully pinned for this drama.

Finally, the cast for this show came out to say hello!

Zhang Zhen Huan 张振寰

Rebecca Lim 林慧玲

Kate Pang 庞蕾馨

Ben Yeo interviewed them about their character in the show. And yup, 3 of them shared with us about their different characters and also certain difficulty while acting this drama.

Then, it was game time! Everyone had a great time having close interaction with their favourite celebrity.

Had a great and enjoyable evening!! Thanks to everyone and sponsors who made this private screening and drama a successful one! Am blessed to have the opportunity to cover for Channel U’s Start Up!《创!》! (: