Thursday, March 14

96°C Café (96°C 咖啡)

Completed watching episode 1 to 8 of the show at xinfirst. This is one light-hearted romance series which will attract the younger viewers out there. The story is rather similar to those you watched in taiwan idol drama. It is about this 96°C Café with a coffee owner and his wife. The story goes on from there. 

Towards the end of the xinfirst webisode, there is a twist which make viewers want to find out more on the love between both of them. 

The next episode will be up on 7 April on Ch 8 from 10.30pm - 11pm! Cannot wait to catch the rest of this series soon!

Catch the xinfirst webisode here: 96°C Café (96°C 咖啡)