Sunday, March 24

Decided to catch Fullmetal Alchemist when my colleagues talk about it. It reminded me when I played this game in the past too. Thus, I am pretty curious and want me to know the whole story plot as I did not manage to complete the game. If I did not play this before, I think I will never watch anime drama. The experience was a good one.

I think the story plot was pretty refreshing and I enjoyed it. It started by introducing each characters in the show. Certain scenes were draggy but it flow well as the story goes on. Since this is the first time watching anime, I felt that the expression was so cute! Nice action-fighting scenes which bring the show up too.

The two characters I adore will be Edward Elric and Roy Mustang! Both has their own unique personality which I thought was cool!

Mixed feeling when this drama ended because it could be a happy or sad ending because it is up for you to think and decide. One nice anime! (:

Ratings: 3.35/5