Friday, February 17

Woo! Was invited to Domino's Tampines pizza gathering earlier this evening! This was the first time mingling with the bloggers! Usually in the past, I attended only the movie screening. Now, its food tasting !! I have never been to Domino's pizza before. Thus, a good time to try the foodie and know more friends!

The marketing manager giving a introduction and more about Domino's pizza! And yup, since the theme is going Halal, she emphasize more about it. At the same time, facilitate us on how to place an order online.

They have this pretty cool GPS order tracker to show the different stages of your pizza! Rather interesting to me. Woo! 30 mins of delivery & 15-mins Take-Away Guarantee too! If fail to do so, Domino's will hand you complimentary vouchers!!

Alright! Food served! Weee!!! Time for foodie photography!!

Here goes....

Cheese Mushroom & Chicken!!


Wow!! Foooddiieee!!! And yup! you can see bloggers eagerly taking pictures!

Hawaiian & Cheesy!!

Tom Yam Chicken!

Chicken Wings!

Onion Rings!

Hawaiian & BBQ!!

Yummmyy Chocolate cake!! Rich and thick! I think its kinda sweet for me but I believe if you have a sweet tooth you would lovee this!

Wee! Group photos!!

Cheeer from the Domino's Staff!!

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Had a great evening getting to know some of the bloggers! At the same time, tried many variety of food from Domino's! My favourite will be the Hawaiian & Cheese Mushroom & Chicken pizza!! Yummy!! (:

First time tasting it and yup! Its an awesome experience!

Thank you & Domino's Pizza for the invitation!