Friday, February 24

Ian Fang

Christopher Lee

Ann Kok

Cynthia Koh

Kimberly Chia

Went to Show Hand 《注定》private party with Benjamin.

Won the party with this caption:
The WINNINGS here are all mine!!! I DARE you to snatch it from ME!!!??

Think I won it because my caption is rather catchy! (:

Din expect that there will be games because my main priority there is to take photos. Anyway, get to watch the teaser of this drama as well. I feel that it is rather humorous yet touching at the same time. Ultimately, the show is telling us not to gamble as it will bring lots of harm to your love ones especially family.

Get to see Christopher Lee & Jessica Liu pair up yet again.
Think its one good show to catch! Say NONO to gamble!

Catch this show on 5th March 2012 from Mon - Fri 10pm!