Sunday, February 26

Went for SMRT Bongqiuqiu's makan session with Jing & Gary yesterday early noon! The place recommended by her was 211 Roof Terrace Cafe at Holland Village.

While waiting for the foodie to arrive, get to mingle around with the people around there. Since most came together as group, I did not really have the chance to make more friends. However, got to know Mike! And yup, get to have some chat with Qiuting. And yup, she's friendly and pretty. (:

The ambience was good but it's better to dine there in the evening because it can be rather warm in the afternoon. Waiting time for food to be served was rather long, I guess that's because of the many orders?

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my lamb cutlet - medium rare. Tasted just right for me! Yummmy! Tried Jing's salmon & Gary's Chicken as well. Think its reasonably nice too! The dessert is good but its rather sweet for me. (:

Ambience: 3.5/5
Food: 3/5
Service: 2.5/5

After which, had a quiz on the SMRT circle line. Through it, get to know more about it. Congrats to all who won something from Nuffnang! Got a goodie bag from SMRT too! Then, it was photo-taking time!

This is the first time where I get to attend an outing event organised by Nuffnang. I think it was rather fun! Thanks Nuffnang & SMRT for organising this makan session and also Bongqiuqiu who find time to join us for this makan session! (: