Tuesday, January 24

Watched We Not Naughty with Bro & Mum. Its the typical Jack Neo film but nevertheless I still enjoyed it. In the beginning, I find it quite dull because you could roughly guess what happens next. As the story goes on, it gets better & better.

It never fails to make me go laughing out loud and feel touched. It blends and balance well with both. At the same time, it educate the viewers in many ways.

No one is stupid, each individual have their own talent. It makes you realise the importance of kinship. Not to forget our dearest mummy who is always there for their child without fail. Nice ending!

Kudos to Shawn Lee acting! Joshua Ang & Daniel Chan did a decent job! The other casts acted well too! And yeps! Not to forget Cherry Hsia! Pretty!! =P

Overall, its one heart-warming show for the young and old!

Ratings: 4.5/5

A song which I remembered after watching We Not Naughty. I Not Stupid Theme song. Love the lyrics.