Saturday, October 7

[Media Treatment Invite] Gamma Light Mist Treatment - Regenerate, Hydrate and Repair in One Session!

I'm back here D'Skin again! This time round for their gamma light mist treatment, which was recently introduced. This particular treatment is targeted to repair and regenerate inflamed and stressed cells and tissue while ensuring the skin receives the full benefits of the entire treatment to reduce sensitivity and improve resilience.

It was definitely a pampering session and the whole process was carefully attended. Using a special sequence of Softlight 905nm and Gamma Nano mists to improve the absorption channels of the skin and carry the active ingredients deep into the skin.

The combination of lights at different wavelengths to heal the skin cells via cold infrared light accelerates the metabolic process and an infusion of hydrating boosters through a Cold Nano Mist which imbue hydrating properties to hydrate and plump thirsty skin. The shoulder massage was on point too.

I'm looking more refreshed for sure! This is a 120 mins treatment and suitable for all skin types, $99 [UP: $498] for its launch trial price.

D'skin Prestige
Velocity @ Novena Square
238 Thomson Road
Singapore 307683