Tuesday, October 10

[Media Invitation] Brand-New Katsu-don Hanakatsu Media Launch

Hailing from Gifu Prefecture, Japan, Katsu-don Hanakatsu offers indulgent katsu don at affordable prices. The pork and chicken are marinated with a special in house blend, and then coated with bread crumbs imported from Japan. The katsu is fried with a water fryer to perfection, and then sprinkled with aonori as well as traditional shichimi spices that lend a robust flavour.

You can choose to go with either Nanatsuboshi Hokkaido Rice or kick up the health factor by choosing to add 16 multi grains to the rice. Both the rice and multi grains are specially imported from Japan. A luscious ankake home-made sauce drenches the rice and imbues a sweet note. 

Sitting atop the rice are three slices of specially marinated pork and chicken . The marinade is a special inhouse blend, while the breadcrumbs are imported from Japan. The restaurant uses a special water fryer, brought in from Japan, to fry its katsu. The exterior is superbly crunchy and enticing. Then, they are drizzled with special tempura sauces. Finally, a sprinkle of aonori and shichimi spices enlivens the katsu.

Katsu-don Hanakatsu
Suntec City Mall
3 Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983